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Royal Defense Force
For the Glory of the Crown!
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: PvP, PvE, Economy
Timezone: US
Website: http://royaldefenseforce.enjin.com/
Forums: http://royaldefenseforce.enjin.com/forum
Join: Contact a RDF member while in game or you can go to website and fill out the application.
Leaders: John Rockefeller

The purpose of the R.D.F. is to train, protect, and to grow with the British Nation. Have fun and enjoy the game that is the only thing we ask. This society has a open recruitment policy there is no recruitment restrictions.This society has a democratically elected leader from a list of nominees that were supplied by the society members.The society will be supervised by the Founder and the Overseer's of the society which have no rule over the Elected Leader. If a problem shows its self with in the society then the Overseer's and Founder will find a way to fix the problem while trying not to over rule the Elected Leader.