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Spain Flag.png
Cri More N00b
Server: Roberts
Nation: Spain
Orientation: Straight
Timezone: UK GMT+0
Website: n.a.
Forums: Forums
Join: Send tell in game for a grilling
Leaders: Mojo Rein Wicro Quixoite, Tephros Dameal,Tommi Atkins, Soixante Castilla

"A vast, me spaniards of Roberts server.

RRF, pr0 guild of SWG, WOW and HelloKitty-MMORPG are recruiting. "FFS" I hear you say "Why should I care about that?" Well let me explain.

If your Spanish and on Roberts Server then frankly, if your not in RRF, then you might as well go play Puzzle Pirates. Evry single one of our Squadron is a hardened Ninja looter, Fluent 1337speaker. Can play equally well whilst hammered on 6 cans of Special Brew. We have through years of research fine-tuned our trash-talk to the extent that our area chat alone can sink Frigates.

RRF is a unfreindly abomination of a Squadron. We have very little clue what we are doing, all we know is that we have fun. Anyone not having fun in RRF immediatly gets guildkicked and their facebook superwall defaced with You-Tube Vids of 2G1C and the numa numa guy.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Emoness. The Guild motto "Cri More N00b" will soon reverberate accross teh server.

We Worship Barney The Purple Dinosaur (Wise and mity..foam of teef is he) and have a divine calling to spred his wurd. Verily, those without his blessngs are d00med with eternal lagg and their framerate shall be pitiful.

If you think your good enough...then your prolly not. But bang out a /tell to Wicro Quoxite , Mojo Rein, Tommi Atkins,Tephros Dameal or Soixxante Castilla.

We'll let you in if we can figure out the /invite system.

May Barney grant ye Hawt Lewt in A Bun Dance.