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Prox12 / ProxXII
Jolly Roger.png
Multi-platform Gamer's den
Server: Rackham
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: General
Timezone: USA
Website: http://www.Prox12.com
Forums: http://www.Prox12.com/forums
Join: OPEN
Leaders: Exit wounds & Davey Jones

Mission Statement: We want to enhance our members enjoyment of the game with organized and cooperative game-play. We REQUIRE the use of TeamSpeak. We use a 150-slot server.

Website: http://www.Prox12.com

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Qualities we seek in recruits: Active PvP'ers and Crafters. We have a well-established trading and crafting network.

Other Info: We also support many other gaming platforms: WoW, EVE, SWG, PLanetside, D&D Online, and TeamFortress 2..