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Northern Guerilla Reaver Unit
Ngru logo.jpg
Ngru flag.jpg
Server: Unknown Server
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PvP/PvE
Timezone: All
Website: Clan-NGRU
Forums: NGRU Forums
Join: See Recruitment
Leaders: NGRU Mobious

About the NGRU

The NGRU is a PC gaming clan comprised of a tightly knit group of gamers that consider themselves a family. Founded in 1999, the NGRU has moved through many different games and genres and has had over one hundred members move through its ranks from across the world.

Some of the more popular games that the NGRU have made their presence felt in include RS6, MechWarrior, Diablo II, Eve Online, the Battlefield series, and now Pirates of the Burning Sea.

For more information on how the NGRU came to be and how they operate, visit the official NGRU Frequently Asked Questions


Society Recuitment

For nearly eight years the NGRU has been gaming hard online and played many different games. When enough interest is seen by its members in a certain game, there may be a move to create a ‘Unit’ for it. When/If a Unit is created, it is given its own command structure including the Unit Commander, his/her Officers, and the general members of the unit.

Most of the time, these Units are strictly NGRU clan members only. However, sometimes we make exceptions and allow non-clan members into the ingame guild. This is not to be confused with clan recruitment. These players are recruited to the ingame NGRU guild only, not the NGRU clan. Recruitment to the NGRU clan is possibly the next step should the player show interest.

This ‘Open Guild Recruitment’ policy is usually adopted in MMORPG units such as Pirates of the Burning Sea. Even in this policy however, recruitment is still strictly invite only. The requirements for joining are just far less than joining the clan.

Those interested in joining the Pirates of the Burning Sea NGRU Society should familiarize themselves with the NGRU and let their interests be known to any NGRU clan member. The people we look for are those with honorable and respectable attitudes and personality. Ingame skill/knowledge is not a factor.

Clan Recruitment

Some gaming organizations decide on an ‘Open Recruitment’ policy (meaning just about anyone with a computer can join). We do not. You will find that in most cases, these clans are quickly consumed with individuals that have poor personalities, attitudes, sportsmanship and simply do not know how to conduct themselves in a public and competitive environment.

It is for this reason, that the NGRU has adopted an ‘Invite Only’ recruitment policy. Visit our website for more information on joining the NGRU Clan.