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Mortis Consortium
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Fidelitas. Saecula Saeculorum. Integritas.
Server: Rackham
Nation: Great Britain
  • PvP
  • RP
  • Crafting
Timezone: EST
Website: http://www.teamego.com
Forums: [1]
Join: Invitation Only, so no link here.
Leaders: Ego Bruiser - Executive Officer
Ego Wraith - Admiral
Ego Dissembler - Canadian Translator and Micromanager
Ego Incinerator - Diplomat
Lord Mortis - Spiritual Leader

Mortis Consortium

Mortis Consoritium is a humble crafting guild focused on intense roleplay and playing the game at a high level. If you find us in game, we will likely find us trying to impose our collective will on others as we endeavor to bring them to the Light of Lord Mortis, our master. The moto of Mortis Consortium is Fidelitas. Saecula Saeculorum. Integritas.

Mortis Consortium is a MMO guild operated under the auspices of the TeamEgo gaming clan. TeamEgo members have been playing together uninterupted for over twenty years and has been together longer than any other online gaming clan.

Rackham's Preeminent Crafting Society

If we deem you worthy, Mortis Consortium may be willing to craft ships or consumables for your society. Contact one of our officers in game. Be respectful, mature and personable if you want a response. Presently, we only craft for British nations, but may consider offering services to Pirates since we seek a robust roleplay environment on Rackham and helping keep Pirate forces competitive in PvP is necessary to achieve this goal.

How to join

Membership is by invitation only. If you are worthy, we will seek you out. Typically membership is rewarded to those who offer labor, praise and sacrifice to Lord Mortis. If you are unable to unquestionably follow orders, take direction, heed friendly criticism, or display a mature attitude, we are not the society for you. Prospective members who would like to learn more about our values can find additional information here.