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Les Chevaliers des Mers
Server: Antigua
Nation: France
Orientation: General
Timezone: GMT
Website: http://chevaliers.se
Forums: http://chevaliers.se/forum
Join: Post on the Recruitement forum.
Leaders: Kevin Shook

About us

Les Chevaliers des Mers - Knights of the Seas

The Chevaliers is an organisation of officers and gentlemen in the service of the of the King of France. For, as long as an officer remains, never will we on any condition allow piracy or any other aggressions against France. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches nor honour that we are fighting, but for our King and Country for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

Knights of the Seas originate from Sea Lords virtual fleets, a community for players of "Age of Sail II" and "Pirates Bounty" since 1999. Many of the 20 founding members of Sea Knights have been with Sea Lords for many years and are dedicated commanders of virtual tallships.

Sea Lords and all its members have always valued good sportsmanship, friendship and a high spirit when playing. Even in the most fierce battles we never forget it is a game. We fight with a smile, and give recognition to the winner. We intend to keep up this tradition in PotBS to make the game a joyful experience for everyone, even as they sink.

Knights of the Seas guild is a coalition of international characters sailing under the French flag. The core of the guild consists of Naval Officers supported by Privateers and Freetraders. We will strive to increase the influence of French in the world of PotBS by keeping the trade lanes to French ports safe from pirates and any other enemy of French, as well as plan and execute actions to expand the French territory at the expense of other nations.

Knights of the Seas are not for old veterans only. New members are welcome. We will do our best to help and train any fresh sailor to become a feared captian on the burning seas. All in accordance with the traditions of Sea Lords.

No matter on what side of our guns you choose to stand, we promise you will have a good time playing with us.

Our Website


The French National Ventrilo Server

Host IP: Frenchnation.nationvoice.com
Server Port: 4008
Channel: Chevaliers des Mers

Our Commander

Kevin Shook