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Le Devoir Avant Tout
French Flag.png
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: France
Orientation: Economy
Timezone: n.a.
Website: n.a.
Forums: n.a.
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Leo LaFuze

Le Devoir Avant Tout. "Answering the Call". Le Devoir was a beta society on the Blackbeard server. Once touting over 50 active members, it was a sight to behold when Le Devoir travelled together.

I joined Le Devoir in the beta and stayed with them until they moved to Rackham under a new name. I remember Le Devoir to be huge into the Economy, PvP, and Port Battles. If any former members of Le Devoir Avant Tout are still out there and reading this, edit the page and put your name below.

Members of Le Devoir Avant Tout

  • Leo LaFuze - Leader
  • Nived Wolfhair - Freetrader
  • Defbond - Privateer, Freetrader