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Las Almas Perdidas
Spain Flag.png
¡Salve! ¡Salve! Estrella de los mares ("Hail! Hail! The Star of the Seas!")
Server: Antigua
Nation: Spain
Orientation: General
Timezone: n.a.
Website: [1]
Forums: [2]
Join: Talk to Jose Castillo, Esteban Castillo, or Ronaldo Burdeos
Leaders: Jose Castillo

Las Almas Perdidas fleet Jack.

Society History

Founded 6 months prior to game release by members of Dominion Gaming (a predominantly military veteran gaming organization), Las Almas Perdidas (translates to "The Lost Souls") was founded primarily as a pvp-focused Spanish society on the Antigua server. The goal was to be an integral part of all Spanish port battles, whether defensive or offensive.

When POTBS went live, LAP posted 60 members the first day. While not the largest contingent on the Sea, LAP certainly boasted a large force for flipping ports. The first 8 port battles involving the Spanish had 10+ LAP members involved.

After 6 months of play, activity started to dwindle. This was mainly due to the choppiness of AvCom (avatar combat), and a lack of promised updates from FLS. Members began to filter back to other platforms supported by Dominion Gaming (such as Eve Online, World of Warcraft, and the Call of Duty series).

Jump forward to Power & Prestige (F2P), and LAP has reopened its doors. Returning Leader Spence (known in game as Jose Castillo or Esteban Castillo)has refocused the Society's efforts towards the following:

1. Reestablishing a presence on Antigua Server.

2. Training members (returning and new) on game play.

3. Utilizing the Governor system to take control of at least 1 port and develop it soundly.

4. Reengage in PVP operations to assist in Port Battles.