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La Armada Española
Server: Roberts
Nation: Spain
Orientation: RvR, Economy, PvP
Timezone: GMT+1 or +2 (Daylight saving time)
Website: see Forum
Forums: http://lbdm.q00p.de/index.php
Join: We are a german-speaking Society. You can apply in the Forum or just send /tell to a Leader
Leaders: Sancha Melendez, Kai Windjammer, Ina Mondsegel

La Armada Española general info

LAE is a german-speaking Society on the Roberts Server. You'll most likely encouter its Members in Havana. We have no strict structure, all members are allowed to sail, fight and produce as they see fit. It is recommended to take part in society activities and production, but not enforced.


La Armada Española is the result of a merge of several german speaking societies from Bonnet, Antigua and Roberts: La Balanza del Mar, United Freetraders, Execut, Los Lobos. See La Balanza del Mar for details.