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Jamaica Squadron
Captains Naval Blue Ensign.png
May your travels be fruitful and your time with us be fun.
Server: Bonny
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Light roleplaying, PvP, and PvE.
Timezone: Eastern, Central, Mountan, Pacific
Website: http://jamaicasquadron.guildlaunch.com
Forums: Visit forums.
Join: Join up!
Leaders: Admiral Glenn Wade (CO)
Vice Admiral Felix Wildeye (XO)
Rear Admiral Garry Owen (Windward Division CO)
Rear Admiral Justin Valkazian (Leeward Div. CO)
Rear Admiral Anwon Canmore (Inside Div. CO)
Rear Admiral Brandon Roberts (Quartermaster)
Commodore Thomas Blood (Administrative Officer)

About the Jamaica Squadron

A roleplaying British naval society in Pirates of the Burning Sea, Bonny server. We are not a power leveling society, or diehard uber players. We are a group of mature individuals looking to make friends, have fun, and to enjoy pirates of the burning sea to its fullist. If this sounds interesting to you stop by, fill out an application and say hello. Good hunting to you all... and long live the King!

The Society Flags and Sails

All members receive one of our rank flags for our ships, according to their rank in the squadron, from Lieutenant to Admiral. Members also receive our Sails, in both a Full and Circular pattern. We also have an unofficial Red Ensign for Freetraders and a jack for Privateers.


  • The Jamaica Squadron was active over a century, from around A.D. 1680 thru the mid 1800's, often serving to protect vital convoys carrying supplies to the colonies. They saw numerous actions against the French during the age of sail and the Napoleonic wars.
  • One of their more notable victories was, however, an internal matter... the capture of naval-officer-turned-pirate Joseph Bannister, in 1746. Bannister had fled Port Royal in a 30-gun frigate (the Golden Fleece) and gone pirate before being trapped in the Cayman Islands by the squadron's Captain Mitchell of the Ruby.
  • The Jamaica Squadron was also the name for the WWII-era British bomber squadron no. 139, which conducted a series of RAF raids during the war.


    The Jamaica Squadron has recently been engaged in a recruiting drive of substantial proportions. They have nearly doubled their membership by engaging nearly every non-affiliated british player they see on the Bonny server and chatting with them. They have also announced their recruitment policies in National chat and on the server message boards. Here is one example of their recruiting drive.

    Recruiting Poster.png

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