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Imperial Coffee and Rum Company
UK Flag.png
Auspicio Regis et Senatus Angliae
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Economy, PvE, PvP
Timezone: All Time Zones
Website: n.a.
Forums: n.a.
Join: n.a.



Company Charter

Honourable Imperial Coffee and Rum Company has been chartered with the blessing of British Crown and Parliament to operate in Caribbean for 99 years, trading Coffee, Rum, and other goods.

Company Value

  1. Free market capitalism
  2. Information sharing among members
  3. Profit making
  4. Individual achievements


General Requirement to become a member

  1. You must be a mature, detail oriented person
  2. You must not be needy
  3. You must be a resourceful person in game
  4. You must add some value to the company

Requirements to continue membership

  1. Follow directions from society leadership (see Court of Directors thread)
  2. Follow all rules of etiquette; vulgar, hateful people will be kicked
  3. Defer to company leadership when external person wants to conduct negotiation with regards to company matters
  4. Follow orders of fleet commanders during combat situation
  5. Keep up-to-date on game events such as contested area