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Hans Majestäts Kaparflotta
French Flag.png
Server: Roberts
Nation: France
Orientation: Pve, Pvp, Economic
Timezone: +1 (Stockholm, Paris)
Website: n.a.
Forums: http://www.disclose.se/kaparflotta/
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Hadar/Botvid Olofsson, info: Totmes LeGaard

His Majestys Mercenary Fleet is a Swedish fleet squadron

on loan to the Kingdom of France.

Sailing under Swedish flag, these ladies and gentlemen of the sea is wrecking havoc upon the enemies of France and building a fortune from the profits of warplunder and trading in the Caribian.

We are a swedish speaking society and welcome all swedish speaking captains that wants to join our fleet

PvP and PvE with a strong economy.

Vi välkomnar alla svenskar och svensktalande som vill gå med i vår erkända och respekterade flotta.