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Grey Magistrate
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"Imperialism- Is it not a b*tch?!"
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Great Britain
  • RP encouraged
  • PvE
  • Economy
  • PvP welcome
Timezone: International
Website: Website
Forums: Forums
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  • Aurkia Star
  • Kaia Sauragil
  • Hells Night

Who we are

We are a laid back, RP friendly group of friends looking for others to sail the seas with. All professions encouraged: Come fight for Britain in whatever way you can (and maybe get a little $$ for yourself along the way)!

What we do

We encourage and engage in all aspects of the game, and are a guild for the guildies, by the guildies. Why join a guild that will tell you their rules when you can join Grey and take part in making the rules? We use a wiki, forums, and polls to keep the spirit of collaboration in everything we do.

Shipyards are up and running!

We're currently equipped to make small to medium sized ships.


Our sails have been approved. You can see them here: Link to our sail design, or on our wiki.

What we can do for you

We offer:

  • Democratic system of making decisions (using Forums and polls)
  • A ventrilo server- We are very active in voice chat to greatly increase our enjoyment of the game.
  • A wiki- Our website is for all guildies to take part in.
  • Forums
  • A blog site for RP blogs- Tell your story to the world (including podcasts if you'd like)!
  • Prizes for helping out the guild. That's right, you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours!


So are we: That's why we use IM to coordinate out of game so you don't have to sit around in-game waiting for guildies to come on-line to get things done.

Do it!

Become part of the solution to the New World's problems. Join Grey Magistrate today!