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Flaming Pie Society
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Server: Roberts
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Economy, PvE and PvP
Timezone: GMT
Website: Flaming Pie Website
Forums: Forums
Join: Application Form
Leaders: Bram Willemsz

The Flaming Pie Society plays under the auspices of a Dutch Command Structure and Awards scheme, but for and with the British flag. We have a strong core of regular players but are always on the lookout for more.

Our aims and intentions are first and foremost to have fun. All aspects of the game are covered within our ranks, with a current and unintentional bias towards production and economy. Saying that, we have many members for whom that aspect is secondary to questing, pvp, group play and general mayhem.

We have managed to build ourselves into a mature Society, where ignorance is rescued, but idiocy is not tolerated. We have built connections and relationships with most of the major Societies on the server, and as the Society progresses will be taking a more active role in helping our Nation to succeed through combat and commerce, through our Alliances and our own successes.

We aim to be helpful to anyone who requires it. To promote participation and above all else, the right to fun.