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Exploration Society
Spain Flag.png
To boldy trade where none have traded before... and kill them!
Server: Rackham
Nation: Spain
Orientation: General
Website: Coming Soon
Forums: Coming Soon
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Alma Delgato (Freetrader)
Barba Amarilla (Privateer)
Richard Lestrange (Freetrader)
Sanson Calcon(Privateer)
Vicente Salazar (Naval Officer)

We are a local chapter for a larger network of a guild called "The Exploration Society" which has guilds across many MMORPGs. There are about 7 of us so far. We are not shy, we are out to have a good clean fun, to make friends and to have a go at squashing the Brits! I, Alma Delgato,can be found Online mostly after 12am EST or during weekends and I can be reached on GoogleTalk at chooch99@gmail.com or e-mailed.

¡Victoria para España! (Victory for Spain!)