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Dharma Initiative
DI flag goldgriff.png
Semper Paratus
Server: Rackham
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: PvP/Economy/PvE (in that order)
Timezone: EST
Website: http://dharmainitiative.guildlaunch.com/
Forums: Members Only
Join: Application Form
Leaders: Jack Aubrey, Rudolph Byrd, Dave Mahoney (Ret.), Charles Pierce, Nicolas D. Wolfwood, and Leopold Ventrue

Dharma believes that knowledge is power. We are an elite tactical unit that has 100% economic independence, with some of the most astute Freetraders in the Caribbean. Our first order of the day is to share and share alike. We believe in always being prepared (Semper Paratus) and we practice classic British Naval tactics at all times. Amongst the bulk of our fighting forces you will find some of the most intelligent and effective Captains in the entire game. The Executive Officers within the Admiralty represent a diverse Economic, Tactical and Social council and their personalities alone have already captured the attention and admiration of the combined community. Dharma desires to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with both her Members and Allies (especially the latter. Only by making bold inter-Society decisions can the British faction hope to stand up successfully to the Spanish juggernaut. We must work smarter, not harder...and be faster and far more nimble regarding the Coalition given our spotty Tactical and Economic vantage. That includes remaining calm, professional and sharp at all times, and educating our newest shipmates in every way to better position ourselves in effecting change within the Caribbean). Situated at the diplomatic vanguard of British affairs, and now a core participant in the new Northstar Alliance, Dharma represents England's greatest hope for total victory. Members: 75 (Characters: 103)