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Devils Advocate
Devils Advocate Flag.jpg
"No Captain Shall Be Left Behind"
Server: Defiant
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: Pirate fleet, with PvP, PvE and RP.
Timezone: Australia
Website: The DA webpage
Forums: The DA forums
Join: See below
Leaders: Fly Reaper
Gabrielle Goodwench
Drag Way
Buck Off
Azrael van Wylder


Devils Advocate is a POTBS Pirate Society on the Australian Defiant server. We are a friendly bunch of pirates who are dedicated to leveling, trade and PvP.

The Society is constantly growing, and has established itself as a major presence in the Caribbean. We are Currently The largest Pirate Society.


Devils Advocate captains and their ships can easily be recognized on the open sea. Such ships are deep red, with matching sails and black trim, and will be proudly flying the Devils Advocate flag.

Founding Philosophy

Devils Advocate is a society founded on the core principles of honor and trust; as seen above, its philosophy can be described as "No Captain Shall Be Left Behind". A motto paraphrased from the title of one of the game's Cutthroat career missions, it easily sums up the sense of unity found in DA. Similarly, Devils Advocate prides itself on being one of the few Pirate societies not succumbing to attrition to other nations; indeed, it is one of the core creeds of the society to combat such defection.

Members & Activities

Devils Advocate currently boasts around 20 registered members, with at least half of these forming an active presence in-game. A push is currently on within the society or qualify every captain to level 50, and a recruiting drive is, unofficially, underway to expand the society.

The society owns and operates industries in almost every area of in-game production, spread across many of the major ports, Caribbean-wide. DA captains also take great pride in their high participation and success rate in port battles.

User Made Content

DA Sail FR Personal.jpg

Personal heraldry for society leaders Fly Reaper (upper) and Gabrielle Goodwench (lower), adapted for sail

DA has recently undertaken to supply every captain in the society with DA-specific flag and sail decals. A standard DA design has been approved for both flag and sail, and flags and sails with personal heraldry for significant members of the society are currently under production.

Recruiting & Agents

Devils Advocate Agents = Mad Mickl, Susana Malon, Still Water

Any players interested in joining Devils Advocate should feel free Contact us ingame. It is a policy of the society that recruiting itself will only take place in game, so to become a member of the society, feel free to get in contact with any of DA's leaders or agents. Alternately, any other DA member can act as an applicant's sponsor to the society leadership.


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