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Cyfrinfa (Lodge of friendly society)
Welsh dragon 3.png
Flag of Wales-canvas2.png
Our Motto: Gwingar ac ariangar (Fond of wine and fond of money)
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Trade, Missions, Conquest
Timezone: Any
Website: http://cyfrinfa.techspeek.com/
Forums: http://cyfrinfa.techspeek.com/parley/
Join: Visit our website above, and send email to Howard Smith
Leaders: Howard Smith, Llywelyn Mawr, Vikkie Morgan, Moby Deck, Cedric Calhoun

We are a laid-back group of folks (mostly adults; and the non-adults are very mature) that want to make the most of and enjoy playing the game. In order to do that, we plan on having a large enough society to be self sufficient ship builders and munitions makers. By having each member contribute specific provisions towards the end-goal of ship building, we will spread out the vast labor and resources needed to do so. By selling "excess ships", as well as excess materials, we will be financially independent. Once we have steady resources, ships, and munitions, we will further British interests in the Caribbean by earning contention points through conquest and trade.

Our society is Welsh themed, mostly due to the fact that two of the founding members actually lived in Wales back in the late 80's when our fathers were stationed there (both Navy). We have a Welsh flag, which is highly desired that members fly on their ships. We also have a sail pattern of a red Welsh dragon, which is optional for member's use.

Oh, Cyfrinfa in welsh would sound like "key-frin-fa"...

NOTE: Please visit our website for more information.