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Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix

The Battle Flag of the PoTBS RPHX Division

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Server: Antigua
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PVP PVE
Timezone: All
Website: http://www.therisenphoenixfleet.com
Forums: http://www.therisenphoenixfleet.com/forums/
Join: Go to the Website
Leaders: Admiral Robert Gates and Admiral Dread LordOmaga

The Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix Society is a division in the Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix (RPHX) gaming organization.

We are members of the Pirate Nation. We will assist our Nation members as much as we can. We operate from various ports and make the Dutch, British, Spanish and French seeth with anger.

The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix (RPHX) was born on 29 January 2009 from the collapse of the XIth Fleet Spartan Vanguard. This Brotherhood of International Gamers gathered together to band as one formidable and established multiplayer, multigender and multi-title gaming force. Dave McKay, who was the XIth Fleet Society Leader, became the RPHX Founder and Grand Admiral of The Fleet. His influence and drive established the Global Rules and Regulations that all Brothers and Sisters abide by today. Acting on the call to pursue loftier goals, Dave McKay turned over command of the organization to Fyasko De Leon, who expanded the RPHX across all gaming genres and platforms.

The RPHX has come full circle with the change of Pirates of The Burning Seas – Power and Prestige going Free To Play on 22 November 2010. A growing division was established and we are steadily recruiting more Brothers and Sisters of the Pirate Nation into our friendly fold of International Gamers.

If you are interested in becoming a Brother or a Sister of the Risen Phoenix, contact a society member for details.