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Brotherhood of the Black Blade
Jolly Roger.png
Server: Antigua
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PVP PVE RP
Timezone: n.a.
Website: http://www.botbb.guildlaunch.com
Forums: http://www.botbb.guildlaunch.com/forums/
Join: http://www.botbb.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/
Leaders: Tolzan Crimson and Isabella

The Brotherhood of the Black Blade is a mature group of people trying to have fun. Most of us have a sense of humor, and we all work together. We want members who are interested in Light RP, PvP, and Raid Missions.

We will have Tavern Night. We all meet at the old Whitby Inn and have a beer or two while we share our tales about that week. (All in RP)

We also have an RP Forum which players submit their stories of their character and the shaping of our Brotherhood.

We ask that you be 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 you may still join if two guild members will sponsor your membership application.

(Current Status : Dead)