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British Caribbean Fleat
UK Flag.png
To the pier !
Server: Roberts
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Cooperation, PvE, PvP, Economy.
Timezone: GMT Mainly (All welcome)
Website: Not Yet
Forums: (Private)
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Cornelius Kipper
Ben Longbowman
William Teach
Marianne Thornton


The Britannic Carribean Fleet was formed on 28/05/08 from the merging of two societies, The Illuminati and Union Flag Trading, that had been in existence since the european general release.

Playing Style

We are a casual society, nobody is expected to be online on certain days or at certain times, nobody is required to use voice comms (though we do have Teamspeak) and nobody is required to partake in any events should they not wish to.

Internal trading of goods is strongly encouraged, for the economic strength of the society and for the good of British interests in the Carribean!

Assisting other members when possible is also encouraged, duties such as hauling cargo, assisting with missions etc are always looked favourably upon by those in need; although you are not required to drop everything if you're busy doing something else or are at the other side of the region!


BCF splits its time between helping, or furthering the personal goals of its members and assisting british interests in the Caribbean. Captains can be found active in direct PvP as well as influencing the economy.


BCF is open to any level and career, all members endeavour to assist new captains to become better at their trade, through mentoring, grouping, trading (and gifting where nescessary, to help an unlucky captain back onto his feet!). If you'd like to join, contact one of the society leaders listed abobe via /tell or in game mail.

Company / Fleet Colours

The BCF is patriotic and swears loyalty to the interests of the crown in the Caribbean. With that in mind, most ships in the society fly a blue sail design (on the colour selector, its 12 down, 3 across!), and the ships hulls are black with gold trim.


Society members, Naval Officers, Privateers and Freetraders alike sports the colours of the union - Red, White and Blue. Most members sport Blue coats/shirts, white breeches while red is featured on clothing accessories.

BCF Avatars.jpg