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Blue Squadron
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Server: Unknown Server
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: General
Timezone: n.a.
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The Blue Squadron is a British society of naval officers founded in January of 2006 by Sean Mac Giollarain and Johnathan V. Broadus. Drawing from the chivalristic principles outlined by authors like Patrick O'Brian and C.S. Forrester, the Blue seeks to advance the Crown's interest in the West Indes by means of naval power.


Both long time fans of the Aubrey / Maturin series and veterans of multiple MMO games, Mac Giollarain and Broadus were excited by the setting of and attention to detail in Pirates of the Burning Sea and it's community, and were inspired to create their own guild. The Blue was officially launched with a forum post in mid-January, which was followed up with a website a few weeks later.

The Blue grew fairly rapidly over the following months, bolstered by support from its well-established counterparts the St. George Squadron and The Royal Red. Unfortunately, since the game had not been released, and since none of the squadron had access to the closed beta, interest eventually died away. There was a brief resurgance during the media buzz surrounding the 2006 Penny Arcade Expo, but it proved to only be temporary.

All was not lost, however. In late October, Mac Giollarain was given an invite to the beta, and, with Broadus on hiatus, decided to rebuild the Blue. I guess we'll see how that turns out. :p


The Blue strives to maintain strong ties with its fellow Royal Navy societies, believing that true strength comes from the bonds of friendship and unity. Within the Blue itself, there is an active, close-knit role-playing community of players who share the inspiration and excitement of Broadus and Mac Giollarain.


Ranking in the society takes the form of the Royal Navy command structure of the 18th century. They are, in order of seniority:

Leader of the Blue Squadron. Responsible for oversight and management of the squadron's business and naval affairs. This position is currently held by Sean Mac Giollarain.

Vice Admiral
Second-in-command of the squadron, sharing some of the Admiral's responsibility. This position is currently held by Jonathan Broadus.

Rear Admiral
Third-in-command of the squadron, commanding the lesser share of the responsibility. This position is currently held by Vincent Gaines.

Sr. Post-Captain
Society officers who do not or cannot claim one of the admiralty titles are given this rank. There are two captains holding this rank: Goof DeRuyter and Alexander Welles.

Highest ranking non-officer members. The entirety of the membership not holding an admiralty or seniority title are currently assigned this rank, though this may change in the future.

Master & Commander
Often shortened to just 'Commander.' The standard junior member rank. The use of this rank has not yet been decided upon.

The most junior of captains. The use of this rank has not yet been decided upon.


Blue Squadron Website