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Black Rose
Spain Flag.png
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Spain
Orientation: General
Timezone: US & European
Website: http://www.blackrosepotbs.com/
Forums: http://www.blackrosepotbs.com/forum/
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Hanika Le Black

Welcome to the Black Rose Society of the Spanish Nation on the Blackbeard server. Our membership includes a solid core of knowledgeable and helpful players, along with low to mid level mains and alts. We group together, work on missions, open sea XP grinding, unrest raising/lowering, port battles among other things. Our motto is, "Ask for help and help anyone in need."

Our economy is growing and we work as a family. It is not a socialist economy where we force you to build what we want, but we do not tolerate profiting off of fellow society members. We are an at cost society, but don't charge your family for groceries taken out of the fridge. We charge other Spanish societies at a 20% markup and do what you like at the Auction Houses or with other nations.

We are always looking for new members whether PvP, PvE, newbies or hardcore that are interested in this kind of semi-casual playstyle, or just good players to group & chat. All we expect is a certain level of maturity, patience and honesty with your soc mates and the other members of the nation. If this sounds like a society you would like to be a part of, please let one of us know!