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Belize Clipper Company
UK Flag.png
Server: Roberts
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: PvE, PvP, Crafting and Socialising
Timezone: GMT
Website: Guild site
Forums: Forum
Join: Recruitment
Leaders: Kyle Crow

Society aims

  • To become a well respected and known force in all aspects of the game but not to become overpowering in any aspect.
  • To be respectful of all other members and players, this game is here for enjoyment so enjoy it and let others enjoy it.
  • To have a crafting network and a naval infrastructure that allows all members to attain any item and to enjoy the game however they wish to play it.

Rules and guidelines

  • Officers have been appointed to fulfill certain tasks that they have agreed to undertake. They have my full backing and act on my behalf so please respect their position.
  • All members have free speach and are encoraged to speak up to any officer or to myself in /tell if there is anything concerning them, all things will be taken seriously and acted upon in strict confidence.
  • All matters concerning the society will be aired for members to have their say before i put a proposal to the society officers for approval, this form of regulating is to ensure the majority are catered for and the society interests are maintained.
  • The chain of command is in place for a reason and should be respected at all times.


We are obviously based in Belize

Society members

Richard Blade, Privateer
Isaac Black, Privateer / Harmony Redding, Freetrader
jessica wilks privateer
Deacon Burrows Naval Officer