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Barbary Korsairs
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Allahu Akbar!
Server: Antigua
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: Being Barbary Korsairs; Piracy, Privateering, Razzis, PvP, RP, RvR, Econ, Minor PvE.
Timezone: Global
Website: Under Consideration for Future Development.
Forums: Recruitment Thread[1]
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Matthew Crescentsilver

Under Sultan Selim III, a Collection of the most Feared and Dreaded Barbary Korsairs were sent on an Expedition to the Caribbean in hopes of Weakening their Spanish and French enemies at their weakest point; their Colonies. We Serve Alongside the Ottoman Navy and Strive to Create an Ottoman Presence in the Caribbean, while attempting to remove the presence of Spanish and French Infidels throughout the Oceans.

We are open to acquiring new members in the Caribbean, and shall assist in training them to Ottoman Standards. Though we usually will help members with Missions, under no Means do we Fleet Grind. The Barbary Korsairs Support Free Trading, and to an extent 50% of our Total Economic Production goes to the Free Market in various Centers of Commerce throughout the Caribbean.

We engage in Port Battles against our most Hated Enemies; The French and Spanish, and are currently attempting to Form a Common Port Battle and Open Sea PvP Squadron through weekly Skirmishes.

Currently under the final stages of Perpetration, The Code Of The Korsairs consists of all Barbary Korsair Rules, Reforms, as well as a self supporting Government for the State of The Barbary Korsairs. Through "The Code Of The Korsairs" we are attempting to become the First Pirate Society in POTBS with an Organized form of Diplomacy.

Recruitment: Active, Cutthroat Only.

Qualities For Future Korsairs: Actively Playing members, with a sense of humor, Loyalty, fair knowledge of Barbary Corsair/Ottoman History, and Good English.

Other Info: We are a small group of good friends, the only remaining Korsairs of the once great state, now in pieces. We speak slight bit of Arabic as Korsairs would and usually have something to speak of.