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Bulldogs Flag Washed.jpg
Sink, Burn or take her a Prize!
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Economy, Port Battles & PvP
Timezone: CST & EST
Website: http://bulldogs.guildlaunch.com
Forums: http://bulldogs.guildlaunch.com/forums/index.php?gid=77389
Join: http://bulldogs.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/app_start.php?type=app&gid=77389
Leaders: Harry Leggs & Marcus Phoenix


We are a small tight niche society that prides ourselves on having fun and treating society mates with fairness and respect. We have a strong economy and are capable of building any ship and outfitting available. We produce more goods and ships then societies twice our size. The Bulldogs answer the call of the nation by attending nation meetings, grinding ports into contention, defending and attacking ports and participating in PvP. We also help each other out with equipment, ships, completing missions and fleet grinding for XP. We are currently looking for new mature players of any class. We have web site, forums and teamspeak. Teamspeak is NOT required but is encouraged as it helps to enhance gameplay. Those interested in joining us should check out the web site and speak to either Harry Leggs & Marcus Phoenix in game.


Sink, Burn or take her a Prize!


Our mission is to help the nation above all else. We help society members reach in game goals and supply members with ships providing they help with our economy. Our society has a industrious and prosperous economy.


The best way to join is to talk to us in game, simply ask anyone you see with the "BULLDOGS" tag and ask them if there is an agent or leader on who can help you. Once you've joined in game please visit our website and fill out an application and post something about yourself on our forums. You may also apply first through the web site and contact us in game afterwards. Please don't forget to review the "Welcome" and the "Rules & Regulations" forums. All members forgo a 2 week new member review period.

Further Information

If you need, or would like, more information please contact either Harry Leggs, Marcus Phoenix or any Society Agent in game or post on our forums and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.