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Armada ySail.png
Lengüeta del Golpe
Server: Test Server
Nation: Spain
Orientation: RP, Missions
Timezone: PST
Website: N/A
Forums: N/A
Join: Casual to Hardcore players Welcomed
Leaders: Paco Sanchez - ClericTaven


We sail upon the Server:Test Server.


Lengüeta del Golpe - "Hit Tab" to next enemy target.

General Background

Armada is a society in Pirates of the Burning Sea, founded by beta players whom knew that once the game went 'live', they would sail throughout the Caribbean with their earned reputation and be a presence to avoid by the foreign nations and independent Brethren.

We actively softsell recruit players of any gaming style from casual to hardcore gankers, no matter what level. Many of our veteran members have sailed the Caribbean for months ahead of your arrivial on the docks in Vera Cruz. We constantly mentor newbies by sharing our wisdom and experience to enjoy your becoming a Captain in New Spain. We highly encourage group progression and learning the "ropes". We supply your needs without wants, you merely contribute back to the guild in return.


First and foremost - "Have Fun"!
Role Playing - PvE - Mission Grindings
New Player Mentoring




Paco Sanchez ClericTaven <Skype:ClericTaven>
Roxanne Rodiguez