PotBS Wiki
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"Bring Us your Goats"
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PvP/Economy
Timezone: EU and USA Zones (We play all day)
Website: http://alloutassault.net
Forums: http://www.alloutassault.net/forum/index.php
Join: Please /tell in-game to officers below or anyone with our tag and register on our website/forums
Leaders: Glow Tiger, Old Nick, Moose Storm, Charlotte de Berry, Jon Solo, Aameron Allomein (Recruiting)

Stay tuned for more information about All Out Assault.

We are a multi-gaming clan/guild/society established in 1996 who moved into MMO about 5 years ago and have flourished in every game we played. EnB Galileo, SWG - Bria, LotRO - Brandywine, Tabula Rasa - Orion and now PotBS - Blackbeard. AoA is active in numerous other games as well, both on PC and consoles. When you join AoA, you are joining a broad cross-section of gamers.

We have played Beta in all of these games and have gained the information, and acted upon it, that helped us to gain a good sized, workable, player-base and to flourish at release.

If you want to be a part of our PotBS enterprise, to build ships, to be economically self-sufficient and feared you should contact us.

Send a /tell to be invited in game. Send it to one of the officers listed in the info box to the right, or contact anyone in game tagged with "All Out Assault". We invite you to join us, if we get on well I'm sure you will want to stay and explore our wider community at [1].

We are a large, organized, society that is essentially self-sufficient. Most anything members need is manufactured by several society-mates. In return, we expect members to participate as part of the economy to help out their fellow society members. We are active in all aspects of the game, and have a good number of players on at all times of the day. It is typical to have hunting packs for xp, PvP, or contention, as well as mission groups.

Use of VENT during grouping is the norm. We also ask members to be active in our forums.

We have a mature player population, although some of our wives don't always agree.