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Oranjestad Yacht Club
French Flag.png
Server: Rackham
Nation: France
Orientation: Player Event Hosting
Timezone: Multi
Website: http://zeevaarders.com/smf/index.php
Forums: http://zeevaarders.com/smf/index.php
Join: apply on forum
Leaders: Regatta Official (SMZS Stephane Morell)

History & Purpose

The Oranjestad Yacht Club (OYC) is a sub-society of Sint Maartens Zeevaarders Syndicaat (SMZS), the oldest Dutch guild in the game. Membership is not limited to SMZS members but is open to all French faction players. The OYC is for alts, particularly FT alts that are created only to own racing boats. Ships and prizes are donated by SMZS members. Ship deeds and outfittings are generally free to members.

The OYC was established during Closed Beta for the sole purpose of organizing player events, particularly races. The OYC attempts to hold monthly regattas that include races but also duels and other types of events. The OYC does not participate in the economy, in PvP or RvR. Events held by the OYC include the Beta Gumball Regatta (mult-national event), the Rubber Ducky Derby (raft races) and Gunboat Duels. Future ideas include scavenger hunts and group skirmishes.