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With a Skill Planner, you can 'plan' the Skills you want to have. You can use this before using a Career Skill Respec. This would safe you some (expensive) commendations. https://potbs-skill-planner1.000webhostapp.com/


A screenshot of Gumworm. The Skill-Code 55053430 is a general Naval Officer configuration.

The tool allows you to choose your career: Naval Officer, Privateer, Freetrader, Cutthroat or Buccaneer.

It provides you with the skills* you can choose from ingame* and with a maximum of 25 points.

Each configuration of Skill Points generates a so called Skill-Code. You can copy this code and share it with your friends! On their turn, they can paste it and they have the same configuration as you!


*Do note that some skill information may be outdated. ALWAYS check ingame for the actual effects!

This information is provided by the update that PotBS Wikia is undergoing, by Captain Vuur.