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The 102-Gun 'Invincible' First Rate.


A Ship of the Line, also referred as SOL or lineship, is a colossal square-rigged ship with three (3) or four (4) decks of guns designed to maximize the effectiveness of the Line of Battle strategy. These ships carry between 50 - 102 Broadside cannons in total. They also have a huge complement of crew, from 350 up to 870 heads on the 'Sovereign' First Rate. They were the most massive warships of the time. They are often referred to using the Royal Navy's Rating System, (ie, 1st Rate, 2nd Rate, etc.) which categorizes them in order of usefulness to a battle line based on number of guns, decks, crew size and displacement.

Ships of the Line in PotBS[]

In Pirates of the Burning Sea, there are Ships of the Line available. Gun armament is calculated in Broadside cannons, excluding Swivel Guns. In order of size, they are:

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