Some ships are available in several types.

Separate Ships

These are produced from their own complete recipes.

Courier A faster version, which is easier to handle as well, reduced number of guns and armor
Stripped A low-level version of a larger ship for traders, reduced number of guns
Trader's An upgraded version with increased speed, heavier armor and increased cargo capacity, occasionally at the expense of firepower

Upgrade Ships

These are produced by combining an existing ship deed with additional shipwright materials.

Heavy An upgraded version with heavier armor and more firepower
Mastercraft The most powerful version in terms of armor and firepower
Sleek A faster verion with more armor

Non-producable Ships

These ships are obtained either by losing all of your ships or by purchasing from the civilian ship trader. These cannot be produced by any recipe.

Civilian These ships only have 1 durability point and are weaker and slower than ships made by players.
Fallback These ships have the same speed as player-made ships, but weaker armor and guns and a smaller crew.
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