Mission Mission Sea Mission Avcom Mixed Mission
This mission involves both Avcom and Ship combat at various stages.
Sea Legs
Nation: France-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: France-Crest Pensacola
Pirate-Crest St. Rose's Bay
Level: This is a level 16 mission, and becomes available at character level 11. 16 This is a level 16 mission, and becomes available at character level 11.
NPC: Pirate-Crest Alphonse Mercado
Rewards: Dubloons icon 1775 Doubloons
280 Experience
Previous: New Hand on Deck
Next: Always Keep an Eye Out
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The young sailor you're helping wants to start making a name for himself and has planned his first exploit: he plans to attack and plunder an encampment, and he'd be honored if you came along on his first raid.

Mission Objectives

  • Get To The Encampment
  • Alphonse Must Get To Camp (8 minutes timer)
  • Invade Camp
    • Defeat All The Frenchmen: 0/4
    • Alphonse Must Survive

Mission Notes

This is a two-part mission. The first part is mostly a standard blockade-running mission, but with a twist: the young pirate you're helping will be there in his ship, and he will have to reach the port as well within the time limit.

As he is in a level 5 ship with a (Fallback) rating, and all opponents are between level 12 and 15, this is easier said than done. And there's not even too much you can do to help, because he will start the mission about 600 yards away from you, with two enemies bearing down on him. You should try to get close to him as quickly as possible to draw off these two ships before they can sink him. And also unlike during normal blockade-running missions, here you want to catch every enemy's attention, so fire away at them whenever one is in range. Anyone that's concentrating on you isn't attacking your escortee. Once he has reached the camp, he will vanish, at which point you can make for the beach as well.

In the second part of the mission, you will find yourself on a beach map, and you'll have to kill a few level 16 NPCs. The young pirate will still be only level 5, but since you only have to kill 4 enemies, and they are standing well away from each other, this should be a lot easier than the first part.

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