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The Crest of the 'Sea Dogs' faction on the back of the Sea Dog's Crest Coat cosmetic item.

The Sea Dogs be a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who ain't afraid to get our blades wet. Some folk call us a gang, but we be much more'n that. We be one of the most influencial gangs of pirtes ye'll ever see. Unlike them besotted Brethren o Kidd's, we got ourselves a real leader. Captain Clay Holly runs this outfit. Thanks to his cunnin' and drive, we're becomin' a real presence in the Caribbean.

If'n ye don't mind heaving on the lawless side of the mast, the Sea Dogs may have some work for ye. Ye needn't worry about riskin' your reputation with yer masters. The Sea Dogs don't squeal on their friends. After all, nearly every pirate served a crown once upon a time.

They are a highly organized, very capable band of ... persons of fortune. They're not quite Brethren of the Coast, but they're not quite against them either. There's always things that need doing when your're... freelancing, and the Sea Dogs can make it worth your while.