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Scavenge (skill)
Careers Buccaneer
Skill Trees Career (Buccaneer)
Career (Cutthroat)
Target Derelict
Range 100y
Duration n.a.
Morale Cost n.a.
Reset Timer 30 seconds
Cooldown category none
Level See Notes
(this info is based on version

Capture a derelict ship, but instead of keeping the ship, you salvage it for supplies, ammunition, and parts.

Your ship's speed must be lower than 8.

Has a 10% Chance to award a Captured Deed for Buccaneers, 6% for Cutthroats.

For Cutthroats, this is the first pirate career skill you can earn, as a reward for the level 10 Pirate Career Mission, A Bloody Nuisance.

Buccaneers receive this skill for free at level 5.

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