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Whatever your politics, you have to admit that French privateers have a certain style. The most fashionable amoung them have formed something of a club, the Salon d'Aventure. It is a place for those French captains who have made their fortunes in privateering to go swap stories with their peers. Naturally, any time you put that many egos in one room, rivalries spring up. The members of the Salon are always trying to top their colleagues with grander tales and grander fashions. It makes for a highly motivataed, if narcissistic, bunch of privateers.

The Salon d'Aventure is the French Privateer guild.

Primarly based out of the capital city of Pointe-à-Pitre.

Members are allowed exclusive access to The Fortune Club meeting hall.

French Reputation maybe gained with them by speaking with the Pirate Hunter's in Grenville, Biloxi and of course Pointe-à-Pitre. The Pirate Hunters in those ports have bounties for captains with appropriate experience.