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Nation: France
Region: Antilles
Info: Conquerable Port
Resources: Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil (Sugar)
Guano Caves
NPC Level: Unknown


Roseau is on the island of Dominica (in French Dominique). The European name for the island comes from the day of the week (Sunday) that Christopher Columbus landed there on November 3, 1493. The island was inhabited by fierce Carib Indians who had driven off or absorbed the earlier Arawak population of the island. While initially claimed by Spain it was France who later claimed the island and first settled at Roseau in 1635. French Catholic missionaries became the first colonists who tried to convert and pacify the allegedly canibalistic Caribs. Their work was a failure and the Caribs attacked Roseau several times eventually forcing the French to abandon the colony in 1660.

In 1660 the French and British crowns agreed to leave Dominica and St. Vincent, another Carib stronghold, as neutral between them. However the French still sent colonists to both islands during the following decades, as did the British. French dominance grew on the island until the end of the Seven Years War with the Treaty of Paris (1763) turned the island officially over to the British.