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Certain ships can be refitted with extra upgrades, before being splashed into the water, strictly based upon your Captain's Career choice.

Refit Warrants may be obtained in the Admiralty Office of your nation's Capital City or for Pirates, @ Captain Kidd's sloop, located in the back of Tortuga. (Also check with the Brethren Quartermaster, found in Fort Vasseur, for Captured Battle Ensign exchanges for the various Writs, which you may need).

The Refit Warrant plus the appropriate Ship's Deed is handed in to receive the better version.


NB: Refit ships become available a few levels before they can actually be deployed.

Also, Commendations and Pennons are also used to obtain them, so further research to verify those details is still forthcoming.

Ship Deed Refit Upgrades[]

Newly introduced MoT Refit Warrants are available to any Captain and not longer Freetrader exclusive.

Naval Officer[]


Free Trader[]

Free Trader refits will require Marks of Trade rather than Marks of Victory.