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Reclaimed Loot
Reclaimed Loot.png
You've reclaimed some pillage from the Dread Saints. Return it to Horatio Mann in Besieged Tortuga to obtain rewards more useful to a daring Captain such as yourself.
Source Beauty and the Beasts
Cannons of Heaven and Earth
Fisto Inferno
The Dread Saint
Converted By Horatio Mann, Refugee Tailor

Reclaimed Loot is a reward for defeating the bosses in the repeatable Epic Missions in Besieged Tortuga.

You can trade them in for a variety of items at Horatio Mann in Besieged Tortuga, as well as for avatar customization items at the nearby Refugee Tailor.

Each item requires a certain amount of reputation by the Refugees of Tortuga, before it becomes available for purchase.

Reclaimed Loot Exchange

1 Reclaimed Loot Eastern Powder
Tortugan Spirits
3 Reclaimed Loot Mud-Crusted Boots
Trapper's Gloves
4 Reclaimed Loot Blessed Hull
Blessed Rigging
Brawler's Vest
Martyr's Rosary
Survival Belt
5 Reclaimed Loot Crusader's Mail
For the Most Forgotten Soul
The Narrow Path
Trapper's Poison
6 Reclaimed Loot Ain't Heartless (title)
Redeemer (title)
7 Reclaimed Loot In Time of Danger
8 Reclaimed Loot Apostle's Brand (Fe)
Deus Dextera (Br)
Falcon's Glove (Br)
Hwando (Fe)
Patiens Vesica (DF)
Relentless Avarice (Fl)
Samingeom (DF)
Siccus Telum (Fl)
Ssangdo (Fl)
Volatilis Humilitas (Fe)
Wrath of the Prelate (DF)
Yusul (Br)
10 Reclaimed Loot Plunderer (title)
18 Reclaimed Loot Master of Disaster (title)