Admiral's Overhaul, First-Rate
Admiral's Overhaul, First-Rate
Type: Consumable
Labor required: 18 hour(s)
Requirements: You must be conscious
Cost: 5000 Dubloons icon
Required items: Cannon, Huge: 3

Lignum Vitae: 8
Logs, Teak: 15
Logs, Fir: 15
Ship Fittings, Brass: 8

Produces items: Admiral's Overhaul, First-Rate: 5
Used by structure: Advanced Lumber Mill
Assembly Yard
Lumber Mill
Learned from: Weatherworn Codex, 2
Information based on version Current game version is update

NOTE: FLS uses an incorrect icon for the in-game documentation, a Structure Brace is shown in the Recipe documentation page instead of a Hull patch icon used in the product description page and the number of stars is incorrect.

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