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'Trinity' Second Rate
Type: Ship
Labor required: 48 hour(s)
Requirements: You must be conscious
Cost: 2,200,000 Doubloon(s)
Required items: Anchor: 12
Cannon, Huge: 2
Cannon, Large: 28
Cannon, Medium: 40
Cannon, Small: 26
Cannon, Swivel Gun: 6
Colossal Hull: 1
Granite: 30
Huge Square Rig: 1
Lineship Structure Bundle: 10
Ship Provisioning: 24
Sulfur: 10
Wood Tar: 12
Produces items: Uncertified Deed: 'Trinity' Second Rate: 1
Used by structure: Master Shipyard (Large)
Shipyard, Large
Learned from: Naval Ship Construction
Information based on version Current game version is

This recipe is removed in the Patch 1.26