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'Sovereign' First Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Recipe Book: The Royal Flagship Sovereign
Structure: Company Shipyard
Master Shipyard (Large)
Secret Cove Shipyard
Shipyard, Large
Labor: 72 hour(s)
Cost: 1200000 Doubloon(s)
Inputs: Anchor: 38
Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 1820
Blocks, Oak: 2555
Cannon, Swivel Gun: 4
Captain Heisenbergs Steering Mechanism: 1
Colossal Anchor Capstan: 1
First Rate Hull: 1
First Rate Keel: 1
Frame Timber, Oak: 286
Geoff Leibnizs Bilge Pump: 1
Granite: 75
Guido Galileis Binnacle: 1
Hemp Canvas: 2450
Hemp Rope: 2425
Huge Square Rig: 1
Lineship Crew: 1
Lineship Provisions: 1
Logs, Fir: 1850
Planks, Oak: 1165

Prize Bronze 12lb Cannon: 28
Prize Bronze 24lb Cannon: 32
Prize Bronze 48lb Cannon: 30
Prize Bronze 9lb Cannon: 18
Ship Fittings, Brass: 1920
Ship Fittings, Iron: 3755
Sulfur: 25
Wood Tar: 50

Outputs: Uncertified Deed: 'Sovereign' First Rate: 1
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This is the recipe for the 'Sovereign' First Rate.

The recipe book 'The Royal Flagship Sovereign' can be purchased at the Piece of Eight Exchange for 125 Pieces of Eight.