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'Formidable' Second Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Recipe Book: On the Construction of Lineships, vol. IV
Structure: Company Shipyard
Master Shipyard (Large)
Secret Cove Shipyard
Shipyard, Large
Labor: 72 hour(s)
Cost: 770474 Doubloon(s)
Inputs: 12lb Cannon: 28
18lb Cannon: 28
24lb Cannon: 30
6lb Cannon: 10
Anchor: 34
Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 865
Blocks, Oak: 1140
Cannon, Swivel Gun: 6
Captain Heisenbergs Steering Mechanism: 1
Colossal Anchor Capstan: 1
Geoff Leibnizs Bilge Pump: 1
Frame Timber, Oak: 110
Granite: 50
Guido Galileis Binnacle: 1
Hemp Canvas: 1040
Hemp Rope: 1050
Huge Square Rig: 1
Lineship Crew: 1
Lineship Provisions: 1
Logs, Fir: 940
Planks, Oak: 890
Second Rate Hull: 1
Second Rate Keel: 1

Ship Fittings, Brass: 860
Ship Fittings, Iron: 1640
Sulfur: 21
Wood Tar: 42

Outputs: Uncertified Deed: 'Formidable' Second Rate: 1
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This is the recipe for the 'Formidable' Second Rate.

The recipe book 'On the Construction of Lineships, vol. IV' can be purchased in Treasure Aisle (TA) for 2000 Burning Sea Points (BSP).