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'Couronne' Galleon
Type: Ship
Labor required: 72 hour(s)
Requirements: You must be conscious
Cost: 185486 Doubloon(s)
Required items: Anchor: 26
Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 345
Blocks, Oak: 480
Cannon, Large: 28
Cannon, Medium: 18
Cannon, Small: 18
Cannon, Swivel Gun: 8
Colossal Hull: 1
Frame Timber, Oak: 60
Granite: 28
Hemp Canvas: 450
Hemp Rope: 440
Huge Square Rig: 1
Logs, Fir: 360
Planks, Oak: 390
Ship Fittings, Brass: 350
Ship Fittings, Iron: 720
Ship Provisioning: 24
Sulfur: 12
Wood Tar: 24
Produces items: Uncertified Deed: 'Couronne' Galleon: 1
Used by structure: Master Shipyard (Large)
Shipyard, Large
Learned from: Naval Ship Construction
Information based on version Current game version is

Certain ships can only be built with the express permission of the Crown. In order to command this ship, take the uncertified deed, along with the correct Writ, to your national capital to have your deed certified.