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'Alexander' Fourth Rate
Type Ship
Recipe Book: Naval Ship Construction
Structure: Master Shipyard (Large)
Shipyard, Large
Labor: 3 days hour(s)
Cost: 425000 Dubloons icon
Inputs: Anchor: 8

12lb Cannon: 24
18lb Cannon: 18
6lb Cannon: 16
Cannon, Swivel Gun: 6
Fourth Rate Hull: 1
Granite: 34
Huge Square Rig: 1
Ship Provisioning: 30
Sulfur: 15
Wood Tar: 30

Outputs: 'Alexander' Fourth Rate: 1
(this info is based on version

The Alexander is a tough Fourth Rate Ship of the Line. It's stronger than the Mordaunt and has two more guns, but it cost more to construct.

Level 50 Naval Officer only ship

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