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Privateers are pirates with loyalty to one of the nations. As such they have some similarities to the Pirate career but differ in some vital aspects. For instance they cannot take command of ships. Their letter of marque states they have to send captured ships to their nation and instead get a reward equal to the Freetraders or the Navy Officers.


You possess a letter of marque signed by the King and you are charged with hunting down and destroying the enemies of the crown wherever you may find them. Though your foes call you "criminal" and "pirate", to your nation you are a bold hero and the epitome of courage. You are a privateer. You do the jobs that no one else can and take the prizes that are your due.[1]


The following Sailing Skills are specific to Privateers:

Skill overview
Skill Tree Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Career1 Terrorize Plunder Second Wind Concentrated Fire Break Formation
Aggression Tracking Shot Death's Embrace Burst of Speed Hit And Run Aggression
Agility Agile Rigging Tack Upwind Sturdy Rigging Agile Tactician Jugular
Battle All Or Nothing Shot Increased Damage Ride the Wind Surprise Attack Crushing Broadside
Deception Evade Aggression Hidden Reserves Stealth Surprise Below Decks Hired Crew
Disabling Demoralize Cut Shroud Entangling Shot Damage Rudder Cripple Enemy
Flexibility Signals Battle Preparations: Defense Maneuver Battle Preparations: Offense Rapid Reload
Survival Improvise Sails Defense Improvise Armor Evasion Rebuilt Ship
Unpredictability Unpredictability: Speed Unpredictability: Resist Unpredictability: Maneuver Unpredictability: Sail Defense Unpredictability: Offense

1 These skills are gained through the career quests and don't require skill points.

Career Specific ShipsEdit

The following ships are exclusive to Privateers. Of course Privateers can also use the All Career ships but the ships below tend to go better with the role and skills of a Privateer.