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Port St. Joe
French Flag.png
Nation: France
Region: Louisiana
Info: Conquerable Port
Resources: Granite
Guano Caves
Forest (Oak)
NPC Level: Unknown


Saint Joseph, Florida was established in 1835 and was Florida's largest city with 6,000 inhabitants when the territory became a state in 1838. However it was devastated by disease in 1841 when a ship landed carrying Yellow Fever. The much depleted town was finally destroyed by a hurricane two years later. The modern city Port St. Joe sits two miles from the site of the original town but was not established until 1907. Both towns are in St. Joseph Bay, one of the best natural harbors on the Gulf Coast. However, the bay lacks any rivers so inland trade has relied on railroads to move lumber and cotton products to this port.

Alternate History[]

With no Spanish threat left on the northern Gulf Coast after the fall of Presidio Santa Maria de Galve in 1719 there was no reason for Pensacola to be the eastern boundary of French Louisiana. The French moved east and founded Port St. Joe in Saint Joseph Bay to serve as the eastern boundary of Lousiana. The town provides a haven from the frequent storms that beset merchantmen sailing between French Florida and Louisiana.