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Planks (Teak)
Oak Planks.jpg
Type Shipwright Material
Weight 1
Produced By Mill Planks (Teak)
Used By Bundle Unrest Supplies: Wood

Refit: 'Mystique' Polacre
'Arcadia' Mastercraft Xebec
'Bermuda' Mastercraft Sloop
'Bermuda' Trader's Sloop
'Capricieux' Courier Frigate
'Capricieux' Mastercraft Frigate
'Cerberus' Courier Frigate
'Cerberus' Heavy Frigate
'Cerberus' Mastercraft Frigate
'Conquistador' Sleek Frigate
'Corsair' Mastercraft Xebec
'Corsair' Sleek Xebec
'Couronne' Mastercraft Galleon
'Cruizer' Heavy Snow
'Curieuse' Heavy Snow
'Defiant' Mastercraft Frigate
'Defiant' Sleek Frigate
'Deliverance' Heavy Frigate
'Dolphyn' Heavy Ketch
'El Dragon' Mastercraft Barque
'Halifax' Mastercraft Schooner
'Hercules' Heavy Frigate
'Hercules' Mastercraft Frigate
'Hercules' Pirate Frigate
'Hercules' Sleek Frigate
'Hermes' Mastercraft Packet-Boat
'Hermes' Sleek Packet-Boat
'La Belle' Heavy Corvette
'La Belle' Mastercraft Corvette
'Lexington' Mastercraft Brig
'Locust' Mastercraft Corvette
'Locust' Sleek Corvette
'Mediator' Heavy Cutter
'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter
'Mignone' Mastercraft Indiaman
'Mignone' Privateer Indiaman
'Minerva' Mastercraft Frigate
'Mordaunt' Sleek Fourth Rate
'Myrmidon' Heavy Frigate
'Myrmidon' Mastercraft Frigate
'Oliphant' Heavy Indiaman
'Oliphant' Mastercraft Indiaman
'Postillionen' Heavy Frigate
'Postillionen' Mastercraft Frigate
'Raa' Courier Frigate
'Raa' Heavy Frigate
'Raa' Mastercraft Frigate
'Raa' Sleek Frigate
'San Mateo' Heavy Galleon
'Stralsund' Mastercraft Frigate
'Tigre' Heavy Frigate
'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate
'Tigre' Sleek Frigate
'van Hoorn' Mastercraft Snow
Advanced Huge Hull Construction
Colossal Hull
Huge Hull
Huge Armor Planking 3
Huge Reinforced Hull 3
Huge Streamlined Hull 3
Large Armor Planking 4
Large Reinforced Hull 4
Large Streamlined Hull 4
Lineship Structural Materials
Medium Armor Planking 4
Medium Armor Planking 5
Medium Reinforced Hull 4
Medium Reinforced Hull 5
Medium Streamlined Hull 4
Medium Streamlined Hull 5
Poseidon's Hull Modification 1
Poseidon's Hull Modification 2
Poseidon's Hull Modification 3
Poseidon's Hull Modification 4
Reinforced Bow, Heavy
Reinforced Stern, Heavy
Small Armor Planking 4
Small Armor Planking 5
Small Armor Planking 6
Small Coward's Armor
Small Double-Planked Armor
Small Fool's Armor
Small Heavy Flanked Armor
Small Lightweight Hull
Small Race-Built Hull
Small Reinforced Hull 4
Small Reinforced Hull 5
Small Reinforced Hull 6
Small Smooth Planked Hull
Small Streamlined Hull 4
Small Streamlined Hull 5
Small Streamlined Hull 6

Teak planks. Planks were used throughout the ship to create sturdy surfaces.

Use of Teak Logs became obsolete with the 2.15 Economic Expansion. Check the Junk Merchant for Retired Wood Exchange (worth 55 Doubloon(s) each).