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PotBS CEO Charles Ellis was recently interviewed by Massively's crew about the direction of the game:

Pirates of the Burning Sea CEO on the economic revamp and a player-driven world


With the latest patch 2.15.37 going live we need ranges edited for all cannons. Max cannon range is now 750 yards for all cannons, swivel guns range is 125 yards. With the new accuracy curves we need the 200/400 accuracy figures adjusted.
A huge change to Economy structures with an introduction of several new recipes has caused chaos amoungst regular players. It will take time for us to catch-up, any assistance will be gladly accept even if for just minor updates to existing buildings.

How to update your game after a patch

To update your game you will need to run the INSTALLER again and once the new files have been downloaded to you computer you will be able to access the game as you normally do. Until you do this, when you open the game, you wont see any servers.

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