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Vision has a plan to not only continue hosting Pirates moving forward, but to update its technology, steadily grow its population over time, fix outstanding issues and eventually to upgrade its graphics and add ever-more content to the game.



With the latest patch 2.15.37 going live we need ranges edited for all cannons. Max cannon range is now 750 yards for all cannons, swivel guns range is 125 yards. With the new accuracy curves we need the 200/400 accuracy figures adjusted.
A huge change to Economy structures with an introduction of several new recipes has caused chaos amoungst regular players. It will take time for us to catch-up, any assistance will be gladly accept even if for just minor updates to existing buildings.

How to download the game

To download PotBS please to https://potbs.fandom.com/wiki/Alternative_Install_Guide for more information on how to install the game.