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Pirate Hunter
Pirate Hunter.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Privateer
Faction Bounty Missions
Affiliation Reputation
Region Any
Port Review Chart table
Port Location Somewhere near Magistrate's Office

There are Pirate Hunters found in many of the towns throughout the Caribbean. Each offers a repeatable Bounty Mission to hunt for one of the various Evil Pirate Gangs, shown as red enemies on the L)ocal OS map. Targeting Groups of 2/3, while on the Open Seas, provides an opportunity that a rare Elite Elite Arrow.jpg Captain or famously Named one may spawn. Most offer an additional Trophy reward or even a Title for their capture.

You may do the missions, which appear in the foreign ports, since it is an excellent way to build up your Reputation with the other factions. Lastly, while in a group, headcounts are shared amoungst all, no matter whom sank the ship. Consider sharing your J)ournal Bounties with other mates.

Location Bounty
St. Augustine Bloody Arms Bounty - French
Grenville Swampcats Bounty
Biloxi Les Samediens Bounty
Harbour Island Bloody Arms Bounty - Brethren
Cat Island Sharktooth Raiders Bounty
Golden Lake Mithridati Bounty
Villa Hermosa Los Ladrones Bounty
Campeche Sons of Cortez Bounty
Maracaibo Corsairs of the Main Bounty
Georgetown Drakesmen Bounty
Les Hattes Dead Redcoats Bounty
Belize Lost Ironsides Bounty
Port Royal Merrymen Bounty
San Juan Hijos Verdaderos de la Libertad Bounty
Tortuga Varyags Bounty
Pointe-à-Pitre La Confrérie Libre Bounty

Note: The Harbour Island and St. Augustine bounties are in fact two different missions for the same newbie Pirate Gang; however, they offer different Reputation rewards. They can be done simultaneously.